Power Systems

Travel Power

It enables you to focus on getting the job done wherever you go. Having access up to 30amps, 230/115V, Travel Power provides you with the possibility of running multiple applications such as advanced electronics or power hungry machinery in Construction and Utility vehicles.

Travel Power operates by a direct belt drive from the engine of your vehicle, providing a perfect sinusoidal 50 Hz sine wave, irrespective of engine speed or loading.

The system is designed to be used even when the vehicle is in motion. It is only as noisy as your vehicle engine and gives you a stable AC power supply when you need it.

The Travel Power’s possibilities are endless in almost any business area.


TEC30 and TEC40 Diesel Generators

TEC30 – The first generator that runs on Diesel

This generator has been especially designed for large motorhomes and commercial vehicles. The advanced, output-controlled inverter technology prevents over and underloading in connected electrical devices. This gives you a sense of perfect safety. 12V output for battery charging with electronic regulator, power 10A remote control board with illuminated display robust design with a case from stainless steel.

Fuelled with Diesel this TEC model is very environment friendly. The superior technology enables two generators to be switched in parallel which amounts to a continuous power of approximately 5000W. Suitable for supplying all domestic air conditioners.


Waeco CA800/850s

We are the distributors for the Waeco CA800 and CA850s range of smart compressor roof air conditioning units for a range of HGV’s. These fit to the existing sunroof aperture and there are a range of different fitting kits available for a variety of different vehicles.


Alternative Power Solutions

We are also able to design install alternative power systems including a range of inverters, intelligent auxiliary battery circuits and vehicle battery protection devices, dependent on your power needs.

All of our electrical work is carried out by fully trained electricians and certificated on completion.

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